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Apr 26, 2018


Welcome to Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc! Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate mental health care to individuals seeking support and guidance. In this section, we will discuss the fees and insurance options available for our services.

Your Mental Health Matters

At Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, we understand that accessing quality mental health care is a top priority. We strive to make our services as accessible as possible, ensuring that everyone can receive the support they need.

Flexible Payment Options

We believe that financial constraints should not hinder individuals from seeking the necessary mental health care. We offer flexible payment options to accommodate various budgets:

Fee Structure

Our fees are based on the complexity of services provided and the duration of each session. Our rates are competitive and reflect the expertise and experience of Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc.

Sliding Scale Fees

We recognize that some individuals may face financial challenges, and we offer sliding scale fees to ensure affordability. The sliding scale fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, considering income level and individual circumstances.

Insurance Coverage

We understand the importance of insurance coverage for mental health services. We are in-network with several insurance providers, and we will assist you in navigating the insurance process:

Verification of Insurance

Prior to your appointment, we will verify your insurance coverage and determine the extent of mental health services covered under your plan.

Direct Billing

If your insurance company allows for direct billing, we will handle the submission of claims on your behalf, reducing your paperwork and ensuring a seamless experience.

Out-of-Network Options

If we are not in-network with your insurance provider, we will provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Why Choose Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc

When selecting a mental health professional, it is crucial to choose someone with the expertise and compassion necessary to guide you through your journey. Here are some reasons why Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc stands out:

Experience and Expertise

Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc has extensive experience in the field of mental health and is well-versed in various therapeutic techniques and approaches.

Client-Centered Approach

We believe in tailoring our approach to each individual's unique needs. Our client-centered approach ensures that you receive personalized care throughout your therapeutic journey.

Safe and Confidential Environment

Providing a safe and confidential space for our clients is our utmost priority. We adhere to strict confidentiality guidelines, creating a supportive environment for you to express yourself freely.

Positive Client Feedback

Many of our clients have expressed their satisfaction with our services through positive feedback and testimonials. We take pride in the relationships we build with our clients and the positive impact we make on their lives.

Contact Us Today

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you and provide any additional information you may need.

At Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, we are committed to supporting your mental health journey and providing you with the highest level of care possible. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier life today.

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Duayne Haskett
Great article! 💯 Very helpful information about fees and insurance options for mental health care.
Nov 9, 2023