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Dec 2, 2021
Residential Treatment


Welcome to Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, a trusted and professional Substance Abuse Recovery Center located in the heart of New York City!

About Us

At Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, we are devoted to helping individuals overcome substance abuse, regain control of their lives, and achieve long-term recovery. As a leading provider in the Mental Health category, we understand the complexities of addiction and its impact on mental well-being.

Our Approach

Achieving successful recovery requires a comprehensive approach tailored to each individual's unique needs. Our Substance Abuse Recovery Center in NYC offers a wide range of evidence-based treatments in a supportive and compassionate environment.

1. Holistic Assessment

Our expert team conducts thorough assessments to gain a deep understanding of each client's specific challenges, triggers, and goals. Through a combination of interviews, evaluations, and specialized assessments, we develop personalized treatment plans.

2. Individual Therapy

We believe in the power of individual therapy as an integral part of addiction recovery. Our experienced therapists provide one-on-one counseling sessions to address underlying issues, develop coping strategies, and promote personal growth.

3. Group Therapy

In our Substance Abuse Recovery Center in NYC, clients have the opportunity to engage in group therapy sessions. These sessions offer a safe space for individuals to connect, share experiences, and provide support to one another.

4. Medication-Assisted Treatment

For individuals who require medication-assisted treatment, our skilled medical professionals ensure safe and effective prescriptions. We closely monitor each client's progress to optimize treatment plans and alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

5. Family Involvement

Recognizing the vital role of family support, we encourage family involvement in the recovery process. We facilitate communication, educate families about addiction, and provide resources to strengthen familial relationships.

6. Aftercare Planning

Recovery is not a destination but a lifelong journey. Our Substance Abuse Recovery Center in NYC recognizes the importance of aftercare planning. We help clients establish relapse prevention strategies, connect with support groups, and access ongoing resources to maintain sobriety.

Why Choose Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc?

As a reputable Substance Abuse Recovery Center based in NYC, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional care and support throughout the recovery process. Here are several reasons why you should choose us:

  • Experienced and highly qualified team of addiction specialists
  • Evidence-based treatments that prioritize individual needs
  • Compassionate and non-judgmental approach
  • Collaborative involvement of family and loved ones
  • Continuum of care with comprehensive aftercare planning
  • Convenient location in the heart of New York City

Contact Us Today

If you or a loved one is in need of a reliable Substance Abuse Recovery Center in NYC, Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc is here for you. Take the first step towards a brighter future by reaching out to our dedicated team today.

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Name: Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc

Category: Health - Mental Health

Website: Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc - Our Approach

Lauren Clarke
This recovery center in NYC offers professional help and support to individuals struggling with substance abuse. Well done for providing a safe space for recovery!
Oct 5, 2023