About Us

Nov 3, 2019

Who We Are

Welcome to the About Us page of Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc. We are a mental health practice dedicated to providing the highest quality care to individuals seeking help and support. With a focus on comprehensive mental health services, we strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for all our clients.

Our Mission

At Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, our mission is to help individuals improve their mental well-being and lead fulfilling lives. We believe in the power of therapy and counseling to transform lives and promote positive change. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized, evidence-based treatment to address a wide range of mental health concerns.

Services We Offer

As a mental health practice, we offer a variety of services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our team of highly skilled therapists provides individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy sessions. We specialize in treating anxiety disorders, depression, trauma, relationship issues, and more. We also offer counseling services for children and adolescents, addressing issues such as behavioral problems, ADHD, and self-esteem.

Individual Therapy

Our individual therapy sessions are designed to provide a safe and confidential space for clients to explore their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Our therapists utilize evidence-based approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness techniques, to help clients gain insight, develop coping skills, and achieve their therapeutic goals.

Couples Therapy

We offer couples therapy to help couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, rebuild trust, and strengthen their relationship. Our therapists work collaboratively with couples to identify and address underlying issues, promote healthier patterns of interaction, and enhance intimacy and connection.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a valuable tool for resolving conflicts, improving family dynamics, and fostering understanding and support among family members. Our therapists specialize in working with families to address issues such as parenting difficulties, blended family challenges, and sibling rivalry.

Group Therapy

In addition to individual, couples, and family therapy, we offer group therapy sessions. Group therapy provides a supportive and validating environment where individuals can connect with others facing similar challenges. Our group therapy sessions cover various topics, such as anxiety management, coping with grief and loss, and building healthy relationships.

Our Approach

At Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc, we believe in a holistic approach to mental health care. We consider the unique needs, values, and strengths of each individual when developing a treatment plan. Our therapists combine their expertise with a compassionate and non-judgmental approach to create a therapeutic alliance with their clients.

We prioritize creating a safe and inclusive space where clients can explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without fear of judgment. We strive to promote self-awareness, self-growth, and resilience while respecting each individual's autonomy and values. Our therapists work collaboratively with clients to develop effective coping strategies, enhance emotional well-being, and achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Why Choose Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc

Choosing the right mental health practitioner is an important decision. Here are some reasons why you should consider Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc:

  • Experienced and licensed therapists
  • Evidence-based treatment approaches
  • Compassionate and non-judgmental environment
  • Individualized treatment plans tailored to your needs
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Convenient location
  • Confidentiality and privacy

We are committed to helping you improve your mental well-being and are dedicated to supporting you throughout your therapeutic journey. Take the first step towards a healthier and happier life by reaching out to Alison K Bowles, Ma, Lmhc today.

James Gotter
I love how their mission is to improve mental health 💪🌟
Nov 11, 2023
Pamela Warden
This mental health practice truly cares about the well-being of their clients.
Nov 8, 2023